AS Class Exporter

AS Class Exporter is a .NET utility that extracts the names of the classes compiled in a set of swf’s, searches a defined classpath to find the referenced classes and copies the .as files found in said classpath to an output folder chosen by the user.

What problem does it try to solve?

by Author,

Actually, a problem that I’ve frequently run into in many Flash projects. Often, I place the classes and packages for a project inside a “fla” or “src” a folder, so the code is accessible to the fla files, which live in that same folder, without any extra classpath configuration. I also use “common” code from a central repository, as well (the kind of code that is generic enough that can be shared among many projects).

The problem is, when you have to give the sources of the project to someone, in order for them to be able to compile the fla’s, you’d either have to give them your whole central repository (most of which is not relevant or needed to the project at hand), or manually track down which classes are being referenced in your project’s code. Then you’d have to create folders that follow the original package/folder layout and manually copy and paste your .as files. A couple of times I had to do that and it was rather painful, time consuming and error prone. So, this project was developed based on my own needs as a way to automatize all that tedious work, and is made available here in the hope that it might help other developers that have come across the same problem.


About Saran

Hello there!!! I'm Saravanan, born and living in India. The main reason i decided to start this project it was because there should be a way to transfer my knowledge which i experimented in flash to all. i try to concentrate as much as possible all kind of issues can appear to someone is developing an Flash application. If you need help, or if you would like to see in this blog some issues, send me an e-mail to Follow Me: twitter: Best Regards, SRK
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