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The list of helpful Flex or Flash debug tools

For finding and reducing the number of bugs or defects,after your projects are built into applications you can run and debug them in Flex Builder or FlashCS3,the built-in debugger is convenient to use,but locally.Here is a list of some tools … Continue reading

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RegExr:Free Online RegEx Testing Tool

RegExr is an online tool for editing and testing Regular Expressions (RegExp / RegEx). home at:

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Structuring Data and Serivces for Application Performance

Everyone wants their Flex application to perform well. We each want ours to be fast, with minimal wait times, and want it to run as seamlessly as possible. Well, one of the most important factors in getting this kind of … Continue reading

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MXML/AS3 editor or development environment besides Flex Builder

Aptana An integrated development environment for creating Adobe AIRTM (formerly code-named Apollo) applications. Intellij IDEA IntelliJ IDEA is a commercial Java IDE by the company JetBrains.It allows programmers to quickly redesign their code.Many advanced features are supported by the IntelliJ … Continue reading

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Free Tutorials for Flash

FREE Flash Sites:

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Colin Moock’s ActionScript 3.0 Ground Up Tour comes to Bangalore, India

Coming next month to India is ActionScript Expert Colin Moock for an extensive 1 day training workshop of ActionScript 3.0. This full day workshop will include exposure to all major concepts of object programming understanding of classes and objects understanding … Continue reading

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Actionscript for Javascript Developers

Here’s a collection of articles on transferring Javascript knowledge and syntax to Actionscript coding: Actionscript: Javascript in Disguise Evolution of Object Oriented Programming in Actionscript Server-Side Actionscript vs Javascript Syntax Differences between Actionscript and Javascript Classes vs Prototypes in OOP Actionscript Shorthand Actionscript vs Javascript Developer Interview Actionscript vs Javascript Cheatsheet ECMAScript OOP Prototype-based Programming Drawbacks of Static … Continue reading

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Compile AS3 with FlashDevelop3 using Flex sdk3 compiler.

Firstly, FlashDevelop 3 only runs on Windows XP/Vista, and requires the .NET 2 runtime. Additionally, to compile AS3 code you will need the Java 1.6 runtime and the Adobe Flex SDK. Ok, let’s go! Part 1 – Downloading, Installing, and … Continue reading

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Actionscript 2, Actionscript 3, MXML, Flex, Java and Javascript Comparison

Here’s a list of resources for migrating between Actionscript 2, Actionscript 3, MXML, Flex, Java, and Javscript development: Java vs Actionscript 3 Actionscript 2 vs Actionscript 3 Actionscript 3 vs Javascript Actionscript 1.1 vs Javascript Actionscript 2 vs MXML Tags … Continue reading

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Adobe to Deliver AIR for Linux

Adobe Systems hopes to make nice with the open-source community and soon deliver a Linux version of its newly released Adobe Integrated Runtime. Kevin Lynch, chief technology officer at Adobe, said the company is working on a Linux version of … Continue reading

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