Flash Player 10 & Flash CS4: New Features Announced

Flash CS4 Newest Features:

New motion editor

Motion Editor

The screenshot above almost explains the feature in itself. Basically, it’s a breakdown of every attribute of a Flash symbol that can be animated, so that you can fine tune a tween in way that was never possible before.

New 3D Tool

Flash and 3D will be one within the Flash IDE. When a symbol gets selected there’s a circle in the middle of the symbol, with 3 arrows representing the X, Y and Z axis. Select these arrows and move the angle of the arrows and it changes the axis of the symbol. This allows for quick and easy 3D tween.

Flash Player 10 Newest Features:

Bitmap data saved locally

Save bitmap data locally from the Flash Player

Just a small feature, but important to those who use it, now developers won’t have to send bitmap data to the server to be processed and then sent back to be saved. In Flash Player 10, bitmap data can be saved locally. Above is an example of a image distorted with a Hydra script saved locally right from the Flash player.

Removing the 2880×2880 limitation!

For those of you that are aware of this limitation, it is now being removed. For those developers unaware of this limitation, bitmap data could not be bigger than 2880 pixels width or 2880 pixels height. This was to prevent the amount of RAM being used by the user’s machine at any given time.


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Hello there!!! I'm Saravanan, born and living in India. The main reason i decided to start this project it was because there should be a way to transfer my knowledge which i experimented in flash to all. i try to concentrate as much as possible all kind of issues can appear to someone is developing an Flash application. If you need help, or if you would like to see in this blog some issues, send me an e-mail to rksaran@rediffmail.com Follow Me: twitter:http://twitter.com/rksaran Best Regards, SRK
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