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-keep-generated-actionscript in Flex

As you know, all MXML files are converted to ActionScript Classes which are later compiled in SWF file. If you want to view / study these automatically generated classes, you can use Compiler Argument -keep-generated-actionscript in Flex Builder Project. In … Continue reading

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Flash Player 10

Flash player 10 goes public. The developer gets opportunity to test and provide feedback to Adobe. The following are key features in Flash player 10, 3D Effects Custom Filters and Effects Advanced Text Layout Enhanced Drawing API Visual Performance Improvements … Continue reading

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Guttershark Actionscript Library

This one is not Flex API and is targeted towards ActionScript. The main features which IĀ  have found here is handling Cache, NetConnection Manager, CPU speed estimation . And also it provides a way to override theirĀ  API. To find … Continue reading

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Flash Player cache on Flex

How to increase the performance of the Flex application using the new Flash Player cache feature available in new Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3 (9,0,115,0) 1. The Flash Player cache is a new feature available in Flash Player 9 … Continue reading

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FlashDevelop: FlexBuilder-style Error Reporting on Save

FlashDevelop has the same exact error reporting that FlexBuilder does.For some reason, this feature is turned off by default in FlashDevelop. In order to turn it on, you need to press F10, or go to Tools > Program Settings. Then, … Continue reading

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