Flash Player cache on Flex

How to increase the performance of the Flex application using the new Flash Player cache feature available in new Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3 (9,0,115,0)

1. The Flash Player cache is a new feature available in Flash Player 9 Update 3 (9,0,115,0).
2. The cache allows files signed by Adobe to be cached by Flash Player.
3. These files end in the file extension .swz.
4. They can be reused in more than one domain, apart from the domain in which they originated
5. The SWZ file persists in the cache even after the browser is closed, provided that the end user does not change settings in
the Flash Player Settings Manager to reduce their caching ability
6. A SWZ downloaded in IE can also be used in Mozilla Firefox as it requires only one copy of the framework
7. In Flex 3 , the framework library code has been rolled into RSLs (Runtime shared library)
RSL can either be an SWZ or SWF, which can be loaded runtime instead of being statically linked into the application
Because of this, the application’s file size becomes smaller.
8. Once the Flex-signed RSLs are cached on a user’s machine from running one application, they are available for use by all other
applications, regardless of the original domain used to load the application.


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Hello there!!! I'm Saravanan, born and living in India. The main reason i decided to start this project it was because there should be a way to transfer my knowledge which i experimented in flash to all. i try to concentrate as much as possible all kind of issues can appear to someone is developing an Flash application. If you need help, or if you would like to see in this blog some issues, send me an e-mail to rksaran@rediffmail.com Follow Me: twitter:http://twitter.com/rksaran Best Regards, SRK
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