AIR 1.1 Available for Download

I just saw on the AIR Download page that we’ve released version 1.1, the updated version of the AIR runtime. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs, localized the runtimes to a bunch of languages including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and a few more. Plus we’ve added some new APIs for developers:

  • Support for building internationalized applications, including keyboard input for double-byte languages
  • Support for localizing the name and description attributes in the application descriptor file
  • Support for localizing error messages, such as SQLError.detailID and SQLError.detailArguments, in the SQLite database
  • Addition of Capabilities.languages property to obtain an array of preferred UI languages as set by the operating system
  • HTML button labels and default menus, such as context menus and the Mac menu bar, have been localized to all supported languages
  • Support for certificate migration from a self-signed application to one that chains to a certificate of authority (CA)
  • Support for Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and support for 64-bit editions of Windows Vista?? Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise.
  • Addition of File.spaceAvailable : API to obtain the amount of disk space available on a disk
  • Addition of NativeWindow.supportsTransparency property to determine whether a window can be drawn as transparent by the current operating system
  • Bug fixes and memory improvements

A couple of things if you’re planning to start building AIR 1.1 applications with Flex. First, you need to update the SDK which is pretty easy. You also probably want to change the “xmlns” attribute in your application descriptor file to which will let you take advantage of the performance improvements and the new features. We’ll also be pushing out the latest 1.1 AIR build to users so those people that have downloaded your application should be getting the newest version soon (but your 1.0 applications won’t be affected).


About Saran

Hello there!!! I'm Saravanan, born and living in India. The main reason i decided to start this project it was because there should be a way to transfer my knowledge which i experimented in flash to all. i try to concentrate as much as possible all kind of issues can appear to someone is developing an Flash application. If you need help, or if you would like to see in this blog some issues, send me an e-mail to Follow Me: twitter: Best Regards, SRK
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