Adobe, Google, and Yahoo! Make Searching SWF Files Easier

Today they made a big announcement that will make huge improvements in how SWF files will be indexed in top search engines. You can read the full details by checking out the official press release.

So what exactly has happened here? Basically they have created some new technology that they are providing to leading search engines like Google and Yahoo! which allow them to fully parse and index Flash files. Google is already using this new technology and Yahoo! is will be coming onboard shortly. This will greatly improve how your Flash sites will show up in search engines.

Since this is brand-spanking new technology there aren’t yet any “best practices” that have developed for how to make your SWF files take the most advantage of this new technology. These will develop over time. Look for details here as things develop. But this is a groundbreaking partnership that is a huge step forward for helping Flash become fully searchable.

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