Debug JavaScript in Adobe AIR Apps Using Aptana Studio 1.2.1

JavaScript is pretty much everywhere you look these days, reaching far beyond your desktop browser. Adobe AIR lets you use JavaScript to create desktop installed HTML and AJAX apps. Apple uses it in its gadgets and in the iPhone’s browser. And Nokia recently announced support for installed, local JavaScript apps on its phones with APIs to the camera, GPS, etc… You can even use JavaScript to create extensions for Aptana Studio and Dreamweaver too! With all this JavaScript out there powering so many things we use every day, having great JavaScript debugging capabilities is paramount to development.

Aptana has announced a step forward in creating AJAX and HTML apps for Adobe AIR: the release of Adobe AIR Development Plug-in for Aptana Studio (beta) features, JavaScript debugging for Adobe AIR apps along with support for Adobe AIR 1.5 which Adobe announced earlier this week.

Aptana previewed the JavaScript debugger for Adobe AIR apps to a group at Adobe MAX in San Francisco and got applauded for providing this utility to the AIR community. Like with other debugging environments you’re familiar with, just click to set a break point in the gutter, then step through, into and out of lines of code while viewing variables and introspecting objects.


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