Screen Capture with Flash

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While working over numerous projects I often had requirements for doing screen capture in AS3.0. Unfortunately I found none in google search, but got some resources which helped me to develop a component for screen capture. With a hope that this will someone out there, I have posted it here.


The SWC takes snapshots of each frames and converts it to bytesArray for storing and displaying in the end as an FLV bytes stream.

Detailed explanation

Below is the Main mxml page developed using Adobe Flash Builder, SDK 4.1, Flash Player version 10.1.0. In this example I am doing a screen capture of the stage.
I have added a video and placed 3 buttons, Record, Stop and Play.
On clicking on the Record button, the recording of the page starts. Once you click on stop, it stops recording.
Then click on Play button to see the recorded version. You may have other things/animations on stage for recording too, I have just tried with an flv.
The recording play is basically bytesArray of an FLV created on run-time. You can save it to your server by passing this binary data to any back-end technology – ASP.Net or PHP, etc.


01 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
02 <s:Application xmlns:fx=""
05 width="955" height="600"
06 addedToStage="onInit();"
07 frameRate="24" >
09 <fx:Script>
10 <![CDATA[
11 import com.dd.screencapture.ScreenCapture;
12 import com.dd.screencapture.SimpleFlvWriter;
14 private var screenCapture:ScreenCapture;
16 private function onInit():void
17 {
18 screenCapture = ScreenCapture.getInstance();
19 screenCapture.source = stage;
20 screenCapture.fps = 12;
21 screenCapture.size( 400, 300 );
22 screenCapture.x = 400;
23 screenCapture.y = 250;
24 stage.addChild( screenCapture );
25 }
27 private function startRecord( event:MouseEvent ):void
28 {
29 screenCapture.record();
30 }
32 private function stopRecord( event:MouseEvent ):void
33 {
34 screenCapture.stop();
35 }
37 private function playVideo( event:MouseEvent ):void
38 {
40 }
41 ]]>
42 </fx:Script>
43 <s:VideoDisplay width="400" height="300" source="assets/myVideo.flv" />
45 <mx:HBox >
46 <s:Button label="Record" click="startRecord( event );" />
47 <s:Button label="Stop" click="stopRecord( event );" />
48 <s:Button label="Play" click="playVideo( event );" />
49 </mx:HBox>
50 </s:Application>

Place the ScreenCapture.swc in lib folder of the flex project. You may also use this swc for any ActionScript 3.0 projects. Kindly note that this requires Flash Player 10.1 to run properly. No audio capabilities here.

Interestingly, you can save the screen capture as FLV format by using this piece of code below:

var saveFile:FileReference = new FileReference();, "video.flv" );//screenCapture is the ScreenCapture instance created in the above code block.




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