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Adobe AIR 2.7 Beta

A beta version of AIR 2.7 is now available on Windows and Mac. The key features include: Media Measurement Acoustic Echo Cancellation Enhanced HTMLLoader API  

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Page Speed – Google

Google has released Page Speed Online, a Google Labs project that analyzes any website for its speed and gives suggestions on how to improve it.

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VLC Media Player for Android in 1-2 Months

VLC Media Player, the open source, cross-platform media player that plays just about any kind of file you throw at it, and a beta is expected within a month or two. The app is expected to run on Android 1.5+, … Continue reading

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Adobe AIR Updated for 3.0

Adobe has updated their AIP app to provide official support of 3.0, giving you more awesomeness on your Honeycomb device. The full update list taken from the market: AIR 2.6 adds support for Android 3.0 and the latest Android tablet … Continue reading

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How to create an Actionscript AIR project in Flash Builder

In Flash Builder 4, I used to follow these steps to create an ActionScript AIR project: Go to File > New > Flex Project. Create a project as usual, making sure “Desktop” is chosen as the Application Type. Rename the … Continue reading

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Helpful Resources on Garbage Collection In ActionScript 3.0

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