Flash Player and Adobe AIR feature list

Flash Player 11.6 and Adobe AIR 3.6 (February 12, 2013)

SWF version: 19

Feature Documentation
Lossless video export from standalone and authplay.dll No documentation impact
Support for flash.display.graphics.readGraphicsData() that returns a Vector of IGraphicsData API reference
Improve permissions UI related to full screen keyboard access No documentation impact
Prevent ActiveX Abuse in Office Documents Administration Guide
Support file access in cloud on Windows No documentation impact
Enhance multi-SWF support API reference
Migration certification for ANEs Guides:
Signing an updated version of an AIR application
ADT package command
RectangleTexture API reference
File API update so AIR apps conform to Apple data storage guidelines API reference
Separate sampler state for Stage3D API reference
Set device specific Retina Display resolution (iOS) Guides:
Setting desktop application properties
iOS Settings

Flash Player 11.5 and Adobe AIR 3.5 (November 6, 2012)

SWF version: 18

Feature Documentation
Shared ByteArray API references:
Using worker for concurrency
Invoke Event enhancement (for openurl) API references:
Packaging multiple libraries in an ANE (iOS) Guide
Debug stack trace in release builds of Flash Player API reference
Statically link DRM (Desktop only) API reference

Flash Player 11.4 and Adobe AIR 3.4 (August 21, 2012)

SWF version: 17

Feature Documentation
Concurrency (ActionScript workers) Guide
API references:
Telemetry API API reference
Flash Player SandboxBridge support API reference
StageVideo.attachCamera() improvements Guide
API references:
List connected devices Command syntax
New location for the iOS Debug Bridge (idb) utility Guide
Compressed texture with alpha support for Stage3D Guide
API references:
CubeTexture uploadFromBitmapData() and uploadFromByteArray()
Direct AIR Deployment for iOS Guide
API reference
AudioPlaybackMode.AMBIENT Guide
API reference
Resolve ANE Symbol Conflicts on iOS Guides:
iOS Push Notifications Guide
API references:
flash.notifications packageflash.events.RemoteNotificationEvent
LZMA Support for ByteArray Guide
API reference
Increase GPU Reach API reference

Flash Player 11.3 and Adobe AIR 3.3 (June 8, 2012)

SWF version 16

Feature Documentation
Full screen keyboard input Guide
API reference
Texture Streaming Guide
API reference
BitmapData.drawWithQuality Guide
API reference
BitmapData.encode Guide
API reference
HW Failure String in Context3D.driverinfo API reference
Aspect Ratio Enhancements Guide
API reference
USB Debugging for AIR iOS Guide
Enhanced Background Behavior for AIR iOS Guide
Test and Debug Simulator Support Guide
JPEG-XR Support API reference
New location for File.applicationStorageDirectory (Mac OS only) API reference

Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR 3.2 (March 28, 2012)

SWF version 15

Feature Documentation
Stage3D for Adobe AIR Guide
API reference
Silent Auto Update for Windows Guide
Multithread Video Decoding API reference
Mouse Lock Guide
API reference

Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 (October 4, 2011)

SWF version 13

Feature Documentation
Stage 3D Accelerated Graphics Rendering Guide
API reference
Flash Access Content Protection Enhancements Guide
Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) Guide
NetStream.dispose() API reference
H.264/AVC Software Encoding for Cameras (desktop) API reference
Enhanced High Resolution Bitmap Support API reference
High Efficiency SWF Compression Support Release notes
G.711 Audio Compression for Telephony API reference
Native JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Support Guide
API reference
Garbage Collection Advice Guide
API reference
Cubic Bezier Curves API reference
Secure Random Number Generator API reference
Socket Progress Events API reference
DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren and MovieClip.isPlaying Guide
API reference
MovieClip.isPlaying API reference
Sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray API reference
Sound.loadPCMFromByteArray API reference
Native 64-bit Support Release notes
Asynchronous Bitmap Decoding Guide
API reference
TLS Secure Sockets Support Guide
API reference
Native Extensions Guide
API reference
Flash Access Content Protection Support for AIR Mobile Guide
Encrypted Local Storage for Mobile Guide
API reference
Captive Runtime Support Guide
Stage Video Hardware Acceleration (AIR Mobile) API reference
H.264/AAC Playback Support (AIR for iOS) Guide
API reference
Front-facing Camera Support (AIR for Android) Guide
API reference
Background Audio Playback Support (AIR for iOS) Guide
Device Speaker Control for Mobile (AIR for iOS & Android) API reference
16 and 32-bit Color Depth Release notes
Game Controller API (AIR TV) Guide
API reference

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