JavaScript – Object – Chapter 1

Object Literals:

var x={};

var point={x=0,y=0};

Creating Objects with new:

var js-new Object();


Every Javascript object has a second javascript object associated with it. The second object is known as prototype.



That creates a new object.

var o1 = Object.create({x:1, y:2});// o1 inherits x and y


var o{



return this.a+1;



var  p= Object.create(o);


p.m();//will trace 11.

 JSON Serializing Objects:

ECMAScript 5 provides a method JSON.stringfy() and JSON.parser() to seralize and restore Javscript objects.

o = {x:1, y:{z:[false,null,””]}}; // Define a test object
s = JSON.stringify(o); // s is ‘{“x”:1,”y”:{“z”:[false,null,””]}}’
p = JSON.parse(s); // p is a deep copy of o

—Chapter 1 END.

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