Overview of the Javascript Ecosystem

Front End Framework

CLI(Command language Interface)
Build tools – Grunt and Gulp

Desktop (GUI) application

Mobile Apps
Ionic-Ionic is leveraging the power of Angular to provide a well-tested and stable platform.

React Native – interesting approach in which they render your written application to higher-level platform-specific components to achieve a truly native look of the app. This means that you’ll have to write a separate view layer for each platform but you’ll do it in a consistent manner.

PhoneGap – browser wrapper around your HTML/JS and provide access to otherwise unavailable features of the platform.

Back-end development

The main advantage of Node.js is it’s event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. That said?—?Node.js is great at handling data-intensive real-time applications with many concurrent requests. Node.js does it by handling all these concurrent requests on a single thread and thereby greatly reducing needed system resources and allowing for great scalability.

express-simple web framework for Node.js
socket.io-module for building real-time web applications
forever-module for ensuring that a given Node.js script runs continously

Combination of the above
One of the most popular way of combining them is having a full-stack JavaScript framework like MEAN or Meteor.
MEAN combines express, Angular, Node.js and MongoDB to offer a web platform whose back-end as well as front-end are written in JavaScript.
Meteor is a platform offering full-stack web and mobile application development in JavaScript.

Study Material
Javascript – codeacademy

About Saran

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